Thursday, December 9, 2010

Modern Campaigns series' Movement Sound Files Patch

Download Link

File Size: Approx 24.2 MB
From the Modern Campaigns' development team. Special thanks to Ed "Volcano Man" Williams.

Below is from the Read Me file included in the zip file.

Installation instructions:

Extract these files to the ...\Media folder of where your Modern Campaigns game is located on your hard drive (for example: ...\Korea '85\Media).




- You must update your Modern Campaigns titles to the most recent versions (from at least 2008) in order to hear these sounds.

- There will be an option in future versions to disable the movement sounds in the game's menu. If you do not want these sounds then do not use them. If you get tired of hearing these sounds in the game, between now and when the option to disable the movement sounds is added, then you should either turn off the sound effects in the game, or go into the game's ...\Media folder and delete all .wav files with the word "Movement" in the filename (64 files).

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