Thursday, December 9, 2010

Modern Campaigns series' Movement Sound Files Patch

Download Link

File Size: Approx 24.2 MB
From the Modern Campaigns' development team. Special thanks to Ed "Volcano Man" Williams.

Below is from the Read Me file included in the zip file.

Installation instructions:

Extract these files to the ...\Media folder of where your Modern Campaigns game is located on your hard drive (for example: ...\Korea '85\Media).




- You must update your Modern Campaigns titles to the most recent versions (from at least 2008) in order to hear these sounds.

- There will be an option in future versions to disable the movement sounds in the game's menu. If you do not want these sounds then do not use them. If you get tired of hearing these sounds in the game, between now and when the option to disable the movement sounds is added, then you should either turn off the sound effects in the game, or go into the game's ...\Media folder and delete all .wav files with the word "Movement" in the filename (64 files).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Panzer Campaigns series' Movement Sound Files Patch

Download Link

File size: Approx 22 mb

Created and provided by the Panzer Campaigns development team headed by Glenn Saunders.

This supplies the new movement sound files being used in Kharkov '43 to the rest of the Panzer Campaigns series' titles as they are patched to the Kharkov '43 version of the series engine.

This is a simple zip file. Once downloaded, needs to be extracted to the Media folder of the title you are going to patch. Currently this will only work with the latest Budapest '45 patch (v. 1.02) that was released 7th December 2010 on the HPS site.

Important: This patch will work with all of the Panzer Campaigns titles, however *only* with patches dated **7th December 2010 and later. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Questions that need answers.

In doing some housekeeping I failed to see comments until -well... now.  :Embarrassed:

Carleton said...

    hate to ask this folks, but how do I get the old models back for unit cons on the mapped units? I am so familiar with the unit icons in view mode, the new ones, well, I prefer the others. The art work on the portraits is great...

I will have to get back with you on that, as it is more of a universal answer than it was specific to the post to which it was a comment on.

In the coming weeks/months -maybe even longer term than that, I will be enlarging this area's scope.